About Accelerated Africa Summit

The 2017 AcceleratedAfrica particularly focuses on means of stimulation for investment and business creation from Europe towards Africa by concentrating on

Sharpening the Entrepreneurial Mindset by providing FinTech solutions and fostering South- South, North-South and triangular cooperation”.

The AcceleratedAfrica Summit is organized by ADYFE at the UN headquarters in cooperation with UNIDO.

The FinTech sector is booming and plays a crucial role in redefining the financial services sector. Correspondingly, PWC stated in its FinTech Global Report “where traditional financial institutions have failed, FinTechs are succeeding”.


As financial services are among the most important sectors for Africa’s future, FinTech applications have the potential to significantly shape Africa’s development.


Thus, by redefining the sector from the outside in, FinTech has an increasing impact on the African continent. This opens the door for new possibilities for both, African and Diaspora entrepreneurs by investing in FinTech solutions. In fact, according to Barcly’s “startups can build quicker, they can find ways around problems which banks can’t and they have a wider vision of the world”. Thus, ”FinTech is gaining significant momentum and causing disruption to the traditional value chain”. For potential youth entrepreneurs willing to successfully and significantly contribute to Africa’s development, the momentum is now.