Annual ADYFE forum

4th African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe

(Aide Memoire)

This year the 4th conference focuses on “equipping every youth with knowledge and skills to get jobs that create more jobs”.
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in his remarks to the ‘Entrepreneurship for Development’, General Assembly Thematic Debate on 26 June 2013 said that an estimated 425 million young women and men would join the labour force between 2016 and 2030. He also underlined that in 2013 itself some 73 million young people would be underemployed – “that means the world will need about half a billion jobs by then” – he commented. Yet, it is crucial to remember that the importance of access to jobs goes far beyond numbers and economical features: it defines human dignity and impacts on how confident they become, how motivated they are to develop their skills and finally are they willing to assertively overcome various crises they face. The well-being of youth impacts directly a condition of societies. Therefore discussing topics such as access to quality jobs, entrepreneurship, economic development and investments as well as gender perspective, seem crucial – especially – when it concerns vulnerable and disadvantaged groups as young people and African Diasporas in Europe.


ADYFE is the largest Diaspora Entrepreneurship Forum in Europe toward Africa. ADYFE works to mobilize the access of youth in Diaspora to quality jobs, enhance entrepreneurship and Inclusive Sustainable Industrial Development for All. It focuses on empowering the Youth as well as the economic development of Africa.

Our mission is to provide a consulted space for discussions between youth and decision makers to foster industrialization, entrepreneurship and to curtail the unemployment rate among youth.

The African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe is organized every year by VAS and ADYNE, in collaboration with UNIDO, Erasmus plus and the Austrian Government as well as the support of DreikönigsAktion. Due to its’ unique model and its’ expertise and long-standing commitment towards African entrepreneurs and youth, ADYFE has been able to provide technical support to diaspora Start-ups and Entrepreneurs. During the last three years ADYFE reunited young people and experts from international organizations, NGOs, from all over the world to discuss the needs and concerns of the African Youth Diaspora. The Conference built a platform for youth to voice and participate in national decision-making regarding their needs and interest in employment. The 4th ADYFE this year will focus more on how to stimulate investment and business creations from Europe towards Africa. This year’s Theme is “Business Solution Forum for Youth: Entrepreneurial Leadership for Decent job creation”

ADYFE is usually organized at the UNIDO’s headquarters.

Objectives of the 4th ADYFE

It prioritizes its work by providing programs that will facilitate the creation of decent jobs for the youth and on the development agendas including policies to meet the SDGs.

  • Strengthen the capacity building of youth by facilitating the access to training programs and information through two trainings.
  • Organizing panel discussions which will promote businesses, incubations centers and innovation needed in Africa in order to accelerate the knowledge transfer.
  • Contribute positively in the empowerment of young entrepreneurs by providing a space for business development solutions and networking for youth through B2G meeting (start-ups and youth in Diaspora meeting the Government and representatives), B2B meetings, good practices sharing and a mentorship programs.
  • Enhance funding through a competition pitch which will facilitate liaison and collaboration between youth in diaspora with their African countries by providing space for individual business development and investment.


This year the fourth Forum edition will gather, from 01-4 June in the United Nations Headquarters Vienna, experts, leaders, business-owners, change makers and more than 200 young people from all around Europe and the globally – toward development of African continent, as well as better position of African youth in the Diaspora

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