Annual Conference

The conference is the first of its kind held in Europe and presents a significant opportunity for African leaders and youths, to network and work closely together in order to coordinate international dialogue amongst important stakeholders for African development specifically, through panel discussions, B2B meetings, lectures and exchange sessions. This year we are going to tackle topics such as: Entrepreneurial Leadership, access to quality jobs and technology, Diaspora entrepreneurship towards Africa, economic development, Africa-Europe development Cooperation etc.

The Conference is going to focus on 3 parts:

The main focus will be how to unlock the potential of the Youth as well as the role of the Leadership in the management of the company. Those objectives would be achieved through different activities such as panel discussions, Diaspora Business Talks and B2B meetings or networking.

Panel Discussions

The panels discussions will be organized around two different topics: “Incubation centers, quality job creation and entrepreneurship development for youth” and “Enabling diaspora entrepreneurship”.
Africa has increasingly been labeled as the world’s youngest continent with an estimated 200 million youth. Representing 70% of its population aged below 25, the youth unemployment becomes the nightmare of the continent. The discussion is going to focus on the role and the challenge of the private sectors, incubators and other multiplier of sustainable job creation. We are going to share good practice from some African ventures and countries, creating a frame and policies which will enable a strategic funding partnership between Diaspora enterprises, African companies, and the different development cooperation agency of Europe and European companies as well.

Diaspora Business Talks

The Diaspora Business Talk is a new concept of ADYFE aiming at spreading ideas relating to Diaspora Businesses. The exclusivity of this concept is its focus on the African Diaspora and Africa itself, covering broad topics, from the role of Business to Innovation, which are delivered by successful and prominent personalities in the framework of Businesses.
While this year’s topic is Leadership, speakers will focus on the Role of Leadership in Business or Entrepreneurship. In 3 Hours, throughout good practices teaching and based on their own experiences, they are to inspire, motivate, or raise awareness on why leadership is valuable for the running of a successful business.

Cross- cutting issues

Regarding Diaspora, Youth and women

And lobby advocacy for diaspora  and empowerment and business solution


  1. Contribute effectively to the success of goal 8 of the SDGs, by empowering the youth to become better entrepreneurs and optimize the creation of decent jobs;
  2. Enhance Africa/Europe Youth Cooperation projects.
  3. Improve understanding on migration challenges
  4. Strengthen the capacity building of youth by facilitating the access to training programs and information.
  5. Establish a connection among young people, policy‐makers and our social partners to empower youth development in both regions.
  6. Facilitate space and discussions between youth organizations, governmental institutions, NGOs and other stakeholders on drafting and implementing youth employment agendas.