Career and innovation Development Academy

The Career Development Academy (CIDA) has been developed by ADYFE. It is the leadership program for youth employment and innovative entrepreneurial solutions. The CIDA aims to tackle Europe’s major social and environmental challenges. This program is specifically designed for African Diaspora enterprises ready to prosper locally and internationally in order to boost and contribute to the development of Africa.

The main focus of the CIDA is to enhance the productivity of the youth in terms of employment and foster entrepreneurship, notably social entrepreneurship skills of the youth within the African Diaspora and others.

This program has been designed to promote entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship as well as the inclusion of young people in the Diaspora. Developed specifically by ADYFE for the youth, CIDA targets on capacity building of these young people in order to support them on their way to becoming better entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs. In doing so, the CIDA helps them to make their contribution to the social and economic growth here and there (Europe and Africa) and facilitates the creation of quality jobs for young people.

Target Groups: African diaspora youth workers and trainers on social field, Migrants, youth in diaspora and students based in Europe, startups, entrepreneurs.

Areas of focus:

  • Entrepreneurship skills Development and training programs
  • Leadership skill Development
  • Funding and Strategies of crowdfunding
  • Mentoring and B2B/B2G
  • Diaspora Startup Weekend
  • Diaspora Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Social Entrepreneurship Camp
  • Online trainings