Dr Ladislas Proper Agbessi

Dr Ladislas Prosper Agbesi is a native of Benin, who founded Lash Group seventeen (17) years ago in Ghana to further development of the continent. Today, Lash Consult Investments has five worldwide offices in Benin, Ghana, Germany, United States and South Africa. In West Africa, Lash Group is in investment finance and consultancy.

Dr. Agbesi has a background in risk management. He studied Business Administration at the Institute of Management Studies in Accra from 1993 to 1995 and received training from various risk management institutes. Before embarking to launch his own consultancy firm, Dr. Agbesi worked as a Risk Manager for Masai Developers and received several awards for exceptional performance.

Lash Group was launched with a few consulting jobs and quickly grew in reputation within the sub region. For example, in 1996 the company was chosen by Caisse Francais de Development for a few key consultancy jobs. As Mr. Agbesi’s network grew, he was invited to join such prestigious groups as the Committee for Poverty Alleviation for Africa, which met in Washington DC in 2000.

Since 1998, Lash Group launched and developed capacity for Arobase Telecom in Ivory Coast, which faced the enormous challenge of competing directly against France Telecom. Dr. Agbesi negotiated deals with such industry leaders as CIENA in 2002. Today, Arobase is the No.2 telecommunications operator in Ivory Coast, which was sold to MTN cote D’ivoire.

Lash Consult Investments consults to the Canadian engineering company SNC Lavalin, who is known as the No.2 emerging company in the world. In 2003, Dr. Agbesi formed part of the team who won the bid for SNC for the WAPP Interconnectivity Project sponsored by the World Bank (Ghana – Togo – Benin).

In 2003, Lash consult partnered with Tranxxcon to finance and launch Ghana Electrometer. The Factory to produce electrometers was built as an African partnership through Lash Consult between Ghana, Tranxxcon and El Swidy (Egypt) and represents the first factory of its kind in the sub-region. Today, Dr. Agbesi is a shareholder of the venture that employs over 400 people and exports all across the continent.

In 2003, Lash Consult Investments moved its headquarters to South Africa where Dr Agbesi is expanding the financing capacity of the company. The company is committed to diversifying its capital base so that it can begin to finance projects independently. For example, the company plans to pursue opportunities in the petroleum sector across the continent. In 2006, Lash Consult Petroleum won the contract to build the second largest oil tank farm in Benin.

In 2006, Dr. Agbesi was the Main Advisor for the reforms in the oil sector in Benin which brought back the National Oil Company SONACOP to the Government of Benin. Between 2006 and 2010, Dr. Agbesi was appointed Adviser Vice President to SNC Lavalin Africa. Further to that Dr. Agbesi was also an Advisor to many African Countries on the structural reform plan to the Department for International Development (DFID).

Some of Dr. Agbesi’ more recent achievements include; Advisory Board member to Absa Barclays in Gauteng, South Africa. Mr Agbesi is the co-founder and Vice President to Barak Agricultural Fund, a trade and agricultural commodity fund with assets under management of US$500m. He is the Executive Chairman to the Pan African Business Forum and the only black African Member of the International Congress of Entrepreneurs of Russia. In March 2015, Dr Agbesi was the co-founder and Chairman of ANA (African News Agency) based in Cape Town, South Africa.

On 13/06/2015 in Ghana (Accra), Ladislas Prosper Agbesi was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by the Great Achievers University College and the Seminary and Team Impact Christian University in the US and Spain for his total commitment to the growth of business development and service to humanity with right and privileges appertaining thereto.

Dr Ladislas Prosper Agbesi was a presidential candidate for the 2016 Benin National Election that was held on the 06th March 2016, representing his political party, ANC (Alliance Des Nouveaux Congres) – Nouvelle Generations.