About Us

African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe (ADYFE) is the largest Diaspora Entrepreneurship Forum in Europe towards Africa. ADYFE works on mobilizing the access of diaspora entrepreneurs to quality jobs, enhancing entrepreneurship and contributing to an inclusive sustainable industrial development for all. It focuses on empowering diaspora entrepreneurs, as well as supporting a sustainable economic development in Africa.

Since its inception in 2014, 6 editions of the forum have already been held. Accordingly, ADYFE is the most successful gathering of African, Diaspora and European companies. The forum achieved its mission by mobilizing and building the capacity of over 3.000 companies, as well as linking more than 1000 investors, start-ups and business angels.

Further, ADYFE also focuses on enterprise creation, skills development and the promotion of joint ventures creation between African, Diaspora and European companies. For instance, ADYFE boosts the access to funding to entrepreneurs and start-ups through activities such as a pitch competition, the gathering of companies and the availability of private equity for entrepreneurs.

Our Vision

Diaspora and capacity building b

Our vision is to contribute to the poverty alleviation in Africa by supporting the social and economic development through entrepreneurs and business social development in their respective countries.

Thus, improving their capacities to engage with the diaspora entrepreneurs will greatly accelerate potentials for the transfer of information, knowledge, skills development, access to funding and opportunities for viable business partnership and support for social enterprise creation and growth.

Further, we strive to contribute to the SDG´s goals 8,9 and 10 in particular.

To achieve this, business networks need to be activated and reinforced in order to improve the information and communication channels, as well as services provided for entrepreneurial communities. More especially the capacities of young entrepreneurs need to be enhanced and their efforts in enterprise creations and development need to be supported by facilitated partnerships and improving their access to finance. Additionally, the entrepreneurial ecosystems in the African countries need to be conducive for businesses and entrepreneurship development in order to allow a greater creation of transnational partnerships. These will include diaspora and youth entrepreneurs from African countries.

Therefore, building the bridge between diaspora, governments, and institutions, as well as setting up a political concept focusing on the aspects of job creation and entrepreneurship, holds great potential in regard to contributing to an inclusive and sustainable development in Africa.