“African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe” (ADYFE) is a Youth-Led Diaspora empowerment platform and a service provider of business and unemployment solutions for youth. ADYFE was launched in 2014 by VAS in collaboration with ADYNE. ADYFE is technically and financially supported by UNIDO, Austrian Development Agency Dreikönigsaktion and Erasmus plus( EU). ADYFE is a 4 years program 2014 to 2017 ADYFE works to mobilize the access of youth Diaspora to quality jobs, enhance entrepreneurship and Inclusive Sustainable Industrial Development for All. ADYFE focuses on empowering the Youth as well as the economic development of Africa. It prioritizes the youth decent employment on the development agendas and policies to meet the SDGs and increase the employment opportunities for youth. ADYFE offers services and lobbying to link different bodies including: youth organizations, development agencies, governments, the private sector, NGOs.

What we Believe in


Provide a consulted space for discussions between youth and decision makers to foster industrialization, entrepreneurship and minimize the unemployment rate among youth.

Our Priorities

  • Youth unemployment

  • Inclusive youth participation

  • Sustainable Development Goals

  • Job creation