Developed by ADYFE, it focuses on enterprise development/scale up and Capacity Building programs to accelerate and innovate projects hold by Diaspora » entrepreneurs and companies, start-ups. The LAB aims at building an entrepreneurial ecosystems for the Diaspora in Europe. This program will contribue to the development of policies in Africa and in Europe.


The AALAB is evolution of our Accelerated Africa Conference+ and our response to the Diaspora Operational Plan (DOP) developed in December 2018 during the Accelerated Africa Conference+  by 240 participants combining Diaspora entrepreneurs; civile society; African entrepreneurs ; Policy and programme makers at EU, AU, Nationals and UN level.


Upcoming 2020 : AALAB to be jointly launched and operated by ADYFE and UNIDO, in collaboration with the African UNION/  citizens and Diaspora Directorate  CIDO and with the support of the Digital Africa, shall offer a range of products and services to the diaspora.


AALAB will explore how technology and especially digitalization is currently ten folding the capacity the diaspora has to play in the development of the continent and the emergence of the robust entrepreneurial culture.

In Collaboration with UNIDO with a total of 6 editions Accelerated Africa+ Conference (AAC+) is an initiatives, and fora, which worked towards enhancing the critical role of the Diaspora and Young entrepreneurs in addressing the continent’s socio-economic challenges.In this regard, AAC+ has over the years provided a unique platform for different stakeholders, such as aspiring and established entrepreneurs, the private sector, and government representatives, to connect in order to engage in partnership-building and joint-venture-promotion activities during B2B and B2G events.


The master classes and workshops are another highlight of the conference, facilitating the effective promotion of entrepreneurial capacity building and knowledge sharing, to support young entrepreneurs from the diaspora or in their country of origin.


Finally, AAC+ has contributes to the South/South and North/South dialogue, while fostering the formation of diaspora networks and business communities based in Europe, to increase their developmental role and maximize their respective impacts.


In its 2018 Edition AAC+ was Integrated into the High-level Forum Africa-Europe hosted by the Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, and the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame. On the 17th of December 2018, together with ONUDI, ADYFE gathered 240 participants representing 43 countries from the Europe and Africa. This year conference had the participants and panellist focused on Digitalisation and on how to best channel the power of the Diaspora, facilitate the effective promotion of entrepreneurial capacity building between EU, African and Diaspora and contribute to the South/south and North/south cooperation. Together they developed a DIASPORA OPERATIONAL PLAN. The Diaspora Operational plan sets out an ambitious framework that seeks to create new dynamics of engagement, mobilise additional resources, and increase the diaspora’s impact in Europe and Africa.

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Accelerated African Conference+

The Forum is accompanied by an innovation fair and B2B Event, where young entrepreneurs and innovators present their concepts and solutions catered to the digital age.