Civic Engagement

Criteria for the selection and evaluation of applications for young influencers


The European election of 2019 is an opportunity for the diaspora and especially the youth vote to bring about change and develop a more targeted and fairer policy. The African diaspora has enormous potential in terms of its undeniable proportion in the population, its energy and its monetary, economic and cultural contribution to the union. They are an abundant and invaluable resource, too often forgotten. ADYFE’s raison d’être is to build and support the development of entrepreneurship in the African diaspora, employability and civic engagement in Europe. In the 2014 European elections the turnout was at its lowest, at 42.61%, with youth participation at 28%. It is essential to establish channels of engagement so that the African diaspora in Europe is included and contributes actively to economic, political, social and cultural life. And one of those channels of engagement is the vote in the European Parliament elections. # DiasporaVote will concentrate these efforts in raising awareness of the European elections among Europeans of the African diaspora to encourage them to vote, see this launch in the race to become a parliamentarian. To this end, ADYFE will develop a training support and provide training to 15 young influencers of the African Diaspora on issues and information related to the European elections, the role of institutions as well as the impact of elections and decisions at the local level and the diaspora community.


Selection criteria / assessment criteria for young influencers

1) must be between the ages of 18 and 30

2) must have the nationality of one of the member states of the European Union

3) must have all these civil rights

4) must live in neighbourhoods with a strong African sound in France (Paris, Lyon or Marseille), Belgium (Walloon Region).

5) must have an influence with his community

6) participates in the life of his community

7) is respected by his peers

8) visibility on social networks

9) must complete the questionnaire provided by ADYFE

10) with the support of ADYFE, undertakes to organize at least 1 local events on the European Elections between January and April 2019

11) ability to mobilize youth of his community

12) is available for training from 6 to 8 December 2018 in Brussels

Diaspora Vote

In order to have a strong economic and social environment for the diaspora; so she can realise her potentielle and support development; we need to have an engaged diaspora.