In a globalized world, the interdependence of Europe and all continents is acknowledged. Brussels being the 2nd most global City in the World according to IOM report 2015 should take advantage of its diversity and be a shining example of the socio-economic integration of its inhabitants. Should we let such statement ring eventually somewhat hollow? We shall work on it to effectively take benefit of that diversity… As African Diaspora youth is almost 7 times more affected by unemployment1, a Career Expo is organised by ADYFE2 and Shift & Twist ASBL in partnership with the Employment and Economic Development Department of the municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean.

Our Career Expo aims to be an inclusive and global event, offering a mix of information through the method training and different job opportunities in order to be attractive to young people from the diaspora: school dropout, young graduates and job seekers. In addition to training and booths where exhibitors / companies promote their vacancies, the job fair will provide a platform for discussion, networking and exchange of information and opportunities.

Our Career Expo give a more important role to social enterprises. Our Career Expo is evaluated by objective criteria on a regular basis in order to adjust the concept (creation of connection / networking) to the reality of the field and the different needs. It include the various observations and will be our reference for future years: a Brussels diversity identity affirmed through its economic and social participation in business development.

Our main objective is to create a federating and job-generating event for Brussels young people, jobseekers, regardless of their level of qualification. Through the establishment of trainings, coaching sessions and resume writing. We are aware that there is a great distance between young people and the job market. It is clear today that it is not enough to have skills or to be graduated but also to have a serious networking and coaching.

Adyfe 2 Job Opportunities


1. Project Officer, IP2, EUGDF click here to apply

2.  Associate Project Officer, IP1, EUGDF click here to apply

The African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe (ADYFE) is a platform of nearly 110 youth organizations of the African Diaspora present in 31 countries of the Council of Europe. One of ADYFE’s main purpose is Peace and Development in all its forms. This aims to operate through the Youth of the African Diaspora according to 3 pillars of action: Entrepreneurship, Employability and Civic Engagement.

ADYFE has been since 2014, one of the main interlocutors consulted on policies and high-level exchanges relating to the youth as a whole, and particularly, youth from the African Diaspora to the European Union and the African Union and their various institutions as well as many UN agencies.

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