Dear Members & Colleagues;

Last May; ADYFE through the launch of its #DiasporaVote initiative; we asked and explained why it
was important to vote for the EU election. From that; one of the outcomes was the increase by 2 of
the number of people of color Members of the European Parliament.

From the 23rd to the 26th was held in the European Parliament the 3rd Anti-Racism week; organized
by ENAR and ARDI in which we participated. Elements which distinctly came across all the panels
and discussions held; raised the question of how do we make sure that our voice is being not only
heard but taken into consideration? How to assure that the issues of access to finance for
entrepreneurs or qualify and decent jobs for people of color becomes a priority? That Diaspora
Youth entrepreneurs are being consulted, provided support for them to strive at national and
international level? To all those, we answered: Need for diversity beyond gender within the
European institution.

So how do we go about bringing diversity within the EU? Well, it was brought to our attention that
as the new European Commission is renewing itself with new Commissioners and portfolios; that it
would be the perfect moment to bring in diversity.

Many Commissioners have pledge to work hard towards promoting diversity in their work but also in
their staffs. Each European Commissioners has in general about 15-20 people on their cabinets
(political advisers; communication, policy experts) who are there to help the Commissioners
coordinate his/her work and the work of the department for which he/she oversees. The members
of the Cabinet are directly picked by the Commissioner.

As you know ADYFE is all about thinking outside of the box and creating opportunities.

The idea is simple: If you have an expertise; interest or experience in one or more of the upcoming
European Commissioner Portfolios areas listed here. We would encourage that you send them your
CV and motivation letter.

Once you have done so please let us know here .

We believe that only making sure that the EU staffs in Commissioners Cabinet are as diverse as the
people living in the EU, that question of People of Color unemployment, representation and
discriminations can be address accordingly.

Information is free but Valuable, so if you know of someone who could benefit from this please
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