With a population of over 300 000 young people of African descent living on the continent, Europe constitutes the basis of our followers and overall contributors to the activities of ADYFE.


The Job Fair has been designed to be an inclusive and comprehensive event, offering a mix of information on permanent education, training, and job opportunities in order to be attractive to outstanding youth from the Diaspora. In addition to stands where exhibitors/firms promote their businesses and company’s values, the job fair will also offer a platform for discussion, networking, and exchange of information and opportunities. 


The first edition was organized in Brussels, due to its strategic place on the European chessboard and the diversity of its population. Those events shall bring together around a hundred of outstanding African Diaspora Young people and most of the big companies and actors of the job market.


Our job fair aims at reflecting the existing dynamic in today’s society: the focus has to be put on competencies provided by the Labour market with a possible emphasis on the Digital area (as “inclusive digital policy” is a theme of the events).


Organization of the JobFair


A job fair of 3 hours organized at this level and in such spirit, needs to be high profile event, attainable and organized with the same professional standards as other fairs. It aims at raising awareness among potential strong employers, that different people are able to carry out jobs and should be given equal opportunities. In order to be really effective, a job fair should be a regional event focusing on available jobs in the region. 

We have put in place presentations from sheltered workshops that create more jobs, and new jobs needed for the transition into the open labor market, and should give supported employment agencies the opportunity to get in contact with industrial partners and other companies, young people and representatives of young people e.g. through panel discussions. 

Upcoming 2020: the JobFair will be jointly launched and operated by ADYFE and Shift&Twist, our local partner in Brussels, in collaboration with national and regional partners on the European level and Belgian level. The JobFair shall evolve and become a radical Enrolment of the Diaspora as actors and engine of economic development and relay to the rest of the world. 

We are planning at expanding the event to different strategic European cities.